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Speed dating with Agents

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

I don't think that anyone has any idea what us real estate agents do all day. I have heard it said, and have seen it posted, that we just sit around drinking mimosas in our suits and ties or really high heels, driving our Range Rovers and counting our money while posting pics in front of some homes. We occasionally show a few I think. Well hey... that isn't exactly true.

Don't get me wrong. There is a lot of fun that we have at Mike Mazyck Realty events! ..BUT, we learn, and we network, while we are doing it! Just the other day, my mentor, J'Layne Mayfield, helped to organize an event for us to "Date our Lenders". I've learned that a loan officer is an agent's best friend. I know that you can't even move forward on a purchase without funding. If I can't have continuous updates, sometimes day and night, that home may be gone or the whole thing might fall apart. My clients would lose total disrespect for me. So trusting your lender is key! We spent a few hours at Service First Mortgage, Natalie Davenport's group, in Rockwall to learn about all the different programs they offer (ones which most lenders do not, I may add) and to sit in chairs and talk with each loan officer for a few minutes. We spent time with each of them getting to know them and asking questions that we need to know to better assist our clients. After a few minutes, just like in speed dating, we moved on to the next person.

Brady Hill from his Farmers Insurance group schooled us on what an inspection may say that could possibly hold up a sale and how they can help us out. Apparently, a roof is important! Insurance is not something we deal with typically but what about when we do?

And, Shawn Stephens, from Fair Texas Title came by as well to let us know that he can sit with us to help us make postcards that can show whatever graphics we want and can go out to whoever we target. "Why?" you may ask. "Of course he's gonna help you out with closings and title questions. But, hmmm.....postcards? Why?" Let me tell you something crazy!!! Because he WANTS to. He wants to help! Help me the realtor and help you the client.

The thing is...NO ONE has what this group has! Mike Mazyck, J'Layne Mayfield, Brady Hill, Fair Texas Title and Service First Mortgage are part of a family of people who understand that my client IS your client, and vise versa. They are a DREAM TEAM for real!! And, I am so proud to be a part of it. If I failed at real estate, I would know that it would not be because I never had the training or any help. I would know that it's because I didn't try hard enough! I've been given, which I can extend to you, a team of people who can assist with EVERY aspect of the home buying and selling process! So I will lift up those mimosas I enjoy at our events, go home and work my booty off for our clients! Because that's what the rest of the team is doing as well! And, please know that I don't drive a Range Rover. But, when giving a 110%, I believe it can, and will, pay off! Cheers!

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